How to use the decentralized leverage trading platform?

😔 Tired of centralized & unfair trading platforms?

We know that as a trader, you want to focus on your trading strategy.

Never have to worry again about losing access to your hard earned money because of a centralized entity.

Never have to worry again about your platform potentially manipulating the price and playing against you.

Our platform is 100% decentralized and is accessible anytime, even when big centralized exchanges have problems during high volatility events.

But… I thought decentralized platforms were too basic and unreliable? 😒

Before us, yes. But we,, have all the features you need:

Limit orders, take profits, stop losses, slippage tolerance, multiple trades per pair, custom leverage, …

Our custom integration with chainlink lets you trade the real-time median spot prices from 5+ exchanges.

You cannot be protected against single exchange price manipulations anywhere else.

And our smart contracts have been audited not less than 4 times by CertiK.

Quick preparation before you can start trading:

1. Download Metamask and create a wallet address

2. Fund your Metamask wallet (on the Polygon blockchain)

You will need a few MATIC tokens for the transaction fees on the Polygon Layer 2 blockchain , where our platform is deployed.

You can send money to your Polygon Metamask wallet from a credit card or bank account using Ascendex for example.

First fund your Ascendex account with your preferred payment method, and then buy a few MATIC tokens for transaction fees, and buy USDC for your trading funds.

You can then withdraw them to your own Metamask wallet (on the Polygon chain) that you created earlier.

3. Buy GFARM2 tokens to trade

Once that’s done, you can buy GFARM2 tokens on Quickswap using the USDC you just sent to your Metamask wallet.

Our trading platform uses an internal utility token (GFARM2) to settle the trades. You will use this token to open trades, and your profits will be paid in this same token.

Position sizes increase (up to 20%) and decrease proportionally to GFARM2/USD price moves, so your are not exposed to the token volatility during a trade.

We will soon add the option to interact using DAI (a stablecoin = $1) — but the GFARM2 token will always be used internally.

📈 Opening your 1st trade on the platform

The trading chart (on the left), where you can do your technical analysis and add your favorite trading indicators. Feel free to customize it as you wish!

Before going further, please make sure you connected your wallet. If the button is grey, you can click on it and confirm the connection in Metamask. Don’t hesitate to refresh the page.

The trading panel (on the right), is where you will open new trades.

At the top, you can choose which pair you want to open a new trade on.

We are constantly adding new trading pairs, and will eventually expand to forex, commodities, and stocks.

You can choose if you want to open the trade at the current price (market), or at a specific price (limit), and if you think the price will go up (long) or if you think it will go down (short).
Now, you are ready to select your leverage and position size.

If this is your first trade, you will be allowed to use up to 50x leverage. After your second trade, you can use up to 100x, and after your third trade, you will have unlocked all leverages (up to 150x).

Your leverage will multiply both your profits and losses.

For example if you long with 50x leverage, if the price goes up 1% from your entry price, you will win 50% on your position, and if it goes down 1%, you will lose 50%.

The position size corresponds to how much you want to put in the trade, in GFARM2 tokens.

For example a 50% profit on a $100 position size is $50, but on $1,000 it corresponds to $500.

If you want to open your trade at the market price, you cannot select the open price, but you can still choose your slippage tolerance.

You can have up to 3 open trades per market.

The slippage tolerance prevents your trade from being opened too high (long), or too low (short), if the price moves suddenly while the transaction is being processed.

There is also always a small spread, for example of 0.025% on BTC/USD. Its goal is to prevent high frequency bots from abusing the platform.

This means your longs will be opened 0.025% above the price, and your shorts will be opened 0.025% below the price.

If you hold one of our NFTs, the spread can be reduced by up to 35%.

If you want to open your trade at a specific price (limit), you can then choose the entry price and the slippage tolerance.

You can have only 1 open limit order per market.

They are executed by bots (runned by our NFT holders), as soon as they reach their trigger zone.

By increasing the slippage on a limit order, you give the bots more room to execute your order in case there is a lot of volatility.

Finally, you can choose your stop loss and take profit prices.

Your stop loss is used to close your position automatically if the price goes too much in the opposite direction of your trade.

Depending on your trading strategy, you might want to use it to cut your losses before your trade can be liquidated at a 90% loss.

You can also use to secure your profits once the price moved in your favor, or put it at your entry price (breakeven) so it can never enter negative territory again.

The take profit is used to close your trade automatically once the price goes enough in the direction of your trade.

Depending on your analysis, you might for example want to close your long in profit automatically before the price reaches a resistance area.

You can also choose not to use them, and decide to manually close your trade in any way.

If you never interacted with the platform before, please click on “approve” to allow the smart contract to open trades from your wallet.

You can now click on the “open trade” button!

🥳 Congratulations for opening your 1st trade on the platform!

Managing your open trades & limit orders ⚙️

On the left, you can find your open trades, and on the right, you can find your open limit orders, waiting to be executed.

If you want to close an open trade or limit order, you can simply click on the corresponding cross in the right part.

You can only cancel a limit order 1 minute after it was placed, to prevent spamming. But you can of course close your trades as soon as they’re open.

As you can see, the interface only shows a summary of your trades and limit orders by default.

If you want to see more details, feel free to click on the particular trade you want to know more about.

And if you want to update the stop loss or take profit of an open trade, you can click on the “SL-TP: …” part of the corresponding line.

Example limit order details (left), open trade details (middle), and modal to update the stop loss & take profit of an open trade (right)

📊 What are the trading fees?

All fees are all applied on the unleveraged position size.

If you open a $100 trade with 100x leverage, a 1% fee is $1. This represents 0.01% of the leveraged position size.

  • 1% when opening a trade (Treasury)
  • 0.5% if the trade is opened using a limit order (NFT bot reward)
  • 2% when closing the trade (GFARM2/DAI liquidity providers reward)
  • 0.5% if the trade is closed using a limit order (NFT bot reward)

It means the total maximum fee for a trade that would be opened and closed using limit orders is 4% 0.04% of the total amount with 100x leverage.

Thank you for reading.

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