Let the hackathon begin!

Hi everyone,

It’s been 10 days of hard work since the end of the v1, but we finally are ready.

The v1 vulnerability has been fixed, we have added / updated a few things in the farm & trading contracts to bring even more value to the ecosystem, and everything has been unit tested successfully.

Another medium post will arrive soon, were we will talk more in depth about the new features & updates, and when the v2 will launch.

In order to reduce the risk probability to the minimum, we are running a hackathon that will last 2 days from today.

The hackathon starts the 01.13, and ends the 01.15

Bug bounties 💰

We will of course give bug bounties to whoever can find a vulnerability / bug in the smart contracts.

Critical bug / vulnerability: $20k

Critical means it puts all funds in the farm or trading platform at risk.

Medium/low severity bug: $5k-$10k

Doesn’t put all funds at risk but still is a problem for the ecosystem.

Contracts code ⌨️

There are 4 contracts:

GFarm: yield farming pools, GFarmTrading: trading platform, GFarmNFT: ERC721 NFT, GFarmToken: ERC20 Token

We have done some changes to the “AccessControl” openzeppelin contract in order to add a timelock, so please check this also.

Thank you for reading :)

If you found something or have a question: contact@gains.farm