🥳 Polygon Mainnet Launch. $8m trading volume (24h)

After weeks of hard work, we have finally launched our token and trading platform on the Polygon Mainnet.

You can now buy our token on Quickswap and trade on our platform with fees smaller than $0.001 per transaction.

🚀 24h recap

  • $8.6m trading volume (leverage included)

📈 Why should I trade on this platform?

  1. Decentralized = funds stay in your wallet (no deposit required).

Discover the first decentralized leverage trading experience of its kind by yourself! https://gains.farm/trading

⏳ Short-term roadmap

1. Front-end design update

We are working on a brand new design that will better reflect the quality of our products.

2. Marketing

After the new design integration is done, we will focus on marketing a lot.

We have noticed almost everyone that discovers our ecosystem likes it, we just have to spread the word to new people now!

The goal is to work with medium/big Youtube influencers, if you are one don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@gains.farm

We’d also like to have articles on websites like Cointelegraph, and are talking to Chainlink for a potential official collaboration tweet.

💬 Join our active community on telegram!

If you have any question regarding the bridging of GFARM2 tokens or NFTs to Polygon or if you simply want to participate in our community, don’t hesitate